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Act 74 of 2016 was signed by Governor Wolf on July 8, 2016. Act 74 of 2016 requires licensees of the State Board of Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Professional Counselors to complete 1 hour of continuing education (CE) in the assessment, treatment and management of suicide risks as a portion of the total continuing education required for license renewal.  

If the word "suicide"  is contained in the title of a suicide prevention course/program taken through an approved provider, the CE earned can be used towards satisfying the suicide prevention CE requirement.

If the course/program pertains to suicide prevention and the title of the course/program does not contain the word "suicide", the approved provider of the course/program must indicate on the certification of attendance/completion the number of hours suicide prevention continuing education earned. 

The continuing education credit mandated to satisfy the Act 74 requirement is now available. In order to obtain this one credit,please read all the information below carefully and follow these directions:

  • Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on "register".
  • The continuing education credit will cost $10, to be paid by credit card.
  • Consider "complete" as "continue".
  • You may have to set up an account if you've never used this system before. Just complete your basic demographics (not the insurance part).
  • Please answer all questions regarding your license.
  • Pay for your continuing education credits.

Please make a note of the information below. You'll need to access the three links to complete the Act 74 process:

  • The first link is for the video.
  • The second link will be for your test that must result in a score of 80% or better.
  • The third link will be for the survey that you need to complete.

Additional Information (please read):

  • Please add your name to the quiz and survey when prompted. This will be proof that you've completed them. Once we note that you've passed the test and completed the survey, you'll receive your certificate in four to six weeks***
  • If you pay for your certificate successfully, you will receive a receipt.
  • If you haven't scored at least 80%, you can retake the quiz. Please exit out of the page/site and return to When you pass, please click on ‘done’ at the bottom of the page, and then exit out of the page/site. 
  • You may need to set up an account if you've never registered for a class in this system. Payment is via a credit card. Use "complete" as "continue". Please answer all the questions, except the questions about your health insurance.
  • A copy of the PowerPoint presentation is available here.


You need to pay for your certificate, watch the video, take the quiz and complete the survey in order to obtain the certificate. Please make sure that you've done all the tasks before sending an e-mail inquiring about your certificate. Certificates are not generated automatically. 

*** Act 74 certificates are not processed every month. Certificates needed for license renewal will be sent out within two months in 2020. The deadline to receive certificates needed for license renewal for LSW/LCSW/LPC/LMFT (Feb. 2021) will be December 28, 2020.The registration site will no longer be monitored after this date. A new registration site will hopefully be developed early in 2021, however this training may not be set up.

Please keep your certificates in a safe place. Replacement certificates cost $30.

Please go to to view the one hour video.

Please go to  to take the test (required). The passing score is 80%.If you score below 80%, you can retake the test.

Please go to to complete the survey (required)

When all four requirements are met (payment, video, test, survey), you can expect your certificate in four to six weeks. 

Questions? Please contact Doreen Barkowitz at[email protected]

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