Pregnancy Learning Series


This FREE 8-week Pregnancy Learning Series is taught live by a Registered Nurse. Featured topics include what to expect during the first, second, and third trimesters of pregnancy, as well as after birth.


Week 1

How to access and navigate online pregnancy education at my own pace, featuring:

UPMC’s Yomingo online website, Magee’s resources, Virtual Tour of Magee, and the myHealthy Pregnancy app

Week 2

First Trimester (1st, 2nd, and 3rd months / weeks 1-16):

How Does My Baby Grow Each Month?

First Trimester, What to Expect with My Body

Warning Signs During Pregnancy: What to Talk to My Doctor About

Week 3

Second Trimester (4th,5th, and 6thmonths / weeks 17-28):

How Does My Baby Grow Each Month?

My Body Changes in the Second Trimester

Prenatal Testing

What do I need to know about Diseases and Infections?


Week 4

Third Trimester (7th, 8th, and 9thmonths / weeks 29-40):

My Baby’s Growth

My Body Changes in the Third Trimester

How Do I Take Care of Myself?

Work, Travel, Drugs and Alcohol, Sex, Warning Signs of Domestic Violence

Wrapping Up—Conclusion

Week 5

Understanding Labor and Birth:

Cervix Changes

Pain in Labor, Coping Techniques

Vaginal Birth Video

Cesarean Section (C-section) Birth Video

Week 6

Postpartum Care – Part 1:

Physical Body Changes after Birth


Safe Sleep for My Baby

Week 7

Postpartum Care – Part 2:

Baby Blues versus Postpartum Depression

4thTrimester – Post-Birth Warning Signs

Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring app

I Delivered (purple bracelet)

Week 8

LIVE Question & Answer Session with OB/GYN Physicians

Here are some important guidelines for this virtual program:

  • Each one-hour session of the Pregnancy Learning Series is offered virtually via a TEAMS meeting.
  • You may opt out of sharing your name, image, video, and/or audio during the class.
  • The same confidentiality rules will apply in a virtual class as would in an in-person class.
  • Recording or screenshots of the virtual class are prohibited.
  • Class registration will close 3 days prior to the class date so that a Microsoft Teams invitation can be emailed to participants.

NOTE: Classes are free. Register once for all 8 classes! Please try to attend as many as you can. Be sure to enter your email address correctly. A Microsoft Teams invitation will be sent by email a few days before the class. 

Questions or if you do not receive your e-mail invite within 24 hours of scheduled class time, call 412-641-1472 or e-mail us at [email protected].




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