Natural Family Planning CM-BBT Program - LIVE VIRTUAL CLASS


The Natural Family Planning CM-BBT program is a scientifically based, medical program designed for couples who wish to postpone, avoid or achieve pregnancy naturally.

This method compliments the unique design and function of the human reproductive system. During this three-hour live virtual class, participants learn how to observe, chart and interpret the woman’s cervical mucus signs and basal body temperature, in order to determine the fertility of each day of the menstrual cycle. This information will empower couples to make decisions regarding the timing of intercourse, based on their family planning motivation. This method is extremely reliable when used consistently and according to the guidelines.

During the training period, the woman will record and self-interpret her cycle, then submit it for interpretation by a Registered Nurse with specialized training as a CM-BBT Professional. The goal of the Natural Family Planning CM-BBT program is for couples to become independent in the use of the method, which most are able to achieve within a year.

CM-BBT has been used successfully by women who are breastfeeding, have recently given birth and are formula feeding, have irregular cycles, are experiencing signs of perimenopause, or simply desire to increase their body awareness.

Natural Family Planning does not provide protection from sexually transmitted infections, HIV or AIDS.

Engaged couples are encouraged to attend an instruction session 3-6 months before their wedding when possible. For couples who wish to use this method following the birth of a baby, class attendance is recommended 4-8 weeks prior to the due date. The cost of this program, including Your Guide to the Natural Family Planning CM-BBT Program, a thermometer, charts, and interpretation service is $125.00 for the female. The male is strongly encouraged to attend (at no additional cost), but his attendance is not mandatory.

Here are some important guidelines for this virtual program:

  • You may opt out of sharing your name, image, video, and/or audio during the class.
  • The same confidentiality rules will apply in a virtual class as would in an in-person class: Recording or screenshots of the virtual class are prohibited.
  • Registration will close 7 days prior to the class to allow time for you to receive the accompanying course materials in the mail, along with a packet of information to complete and return to the instructor. The forms must be received prior to the class. 
  • A Microsoft Teams invitation will be emailed to participants.

Your health insurance provider may cover all or part of the cost of this class. Please contact them directly for more information. 

Questions, or if you do not receive your email invitation within 24 hours of the scheduled class time, please call 412-641-8103.


A refund will be provided for cancellations 2 weeks prior to the start of class. Students cancelling less than two weeks in advance will receive credit towards a future class. A refund/credit will not be issued if you cancel the day of the class/course.

UPMC reserves the right to cancel class due to low enrollment or instructor unavailability. A full refund will be provided in these instances.


If you need an interpreter or have other special needs, please call 412-641-8096. Please allow at least two weeks before class starts for your request to be processed.

NOTE: Price listed is per couple, not each individual attendee. Please register BOTH members of the couple, so we have an accurate count. When creating your account, please register the female first, then click Add an additional family member on the Step One: Create Your Account page. Please use your full legal name when registering (rather than a nickname.)

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