Comprehensive Crisis Management Trainer


The Comprehensive Crisis Management Train the Trainer program is a 40-hour training designed to give trainers the knowledge, skills, and confidence to instruct the Comprehensive Crisis Management (CCM)
training program.


CCM Basic Program is an eight hour program consisting
of two components:

  1. The lecture and discussion component focuses on assessment and prevention techniques as well as crisis management skills. The information helps employees to assess whether a potentially dangerous situation is developing and how to prevent a crisis.
  2. A physical demonstration and practice component teaches physical interventions for movement, escape, and emergency safety interventions that are effective and safe for staff and the aggressor. These interventions do not rely on strength or surprise, but instead,participants learn to use natural body movement
    in effective ways.

Educational Objectives:

  • Identify a variety of reasons for challenging behaviors
  • Understand the impact of emotional trauma and the importance of providing trauma-informed care
  • Recognize the importance of ongoing self-assessment
  • Understand the importance of developing a trusting relationship
  • Identify key factors in the prevention of crisis situations
  • Discuss responsibilities necessary in the safe resolution of crisis situations
  • Perform appropriate physical escape and emergency safety interventions

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